The Insanity of Hemlock, photos from a concert that absolutely destroyed.

This isn’t really a review, but if you’ve never seen Hemlock before you owe it to yourself to witness them live. I’ve seen hundreds of bands, seen them come and go and rarely do I encounter a group as wacky as this one. You will have a good time going to a Hemlock concert.


Catch these last few dates of their tour live!

8.28 Amarillo, TX
8.29 Lubbock, TX
8.30 Austin, TX
8.31 Houston, TX
9.2 Dallas, TX
9.3 Wichita Falls, TX (Chads bday)
9.6 Sioux Falls, SD (Brians bday)
9.7 Sioux City, IA
9.8 Merriam, KS
9.9 Des Moines, Ia


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