Ukrainian prog rock sensation Sleep In Heads aims to go global!

On The Air, out now!

A group for the new age out of Kyiv(Kiev), Sleep In Heads already have the finesse of a well worked canvas. Enchanting sound, with a calm, cool and heartwarming atmosphere. The new album is well recorded, close to the ear and immediate. This band has a theme, and they stick to the theme. So often new bands will have a track that sounds out of place. It’ll throw off the character of their group, or a tempo change that diminishes the quality of the rest of the song, sometimes even the album. Sleep In Heads recognize that complexity is often achieved through simplicity. This is excellent prog. Blue Fear is the standout song on the album, but it all fits, each song isn’t overdone, or done without confidence and held back. The whole album shines, get this group on tour. Show the world what Ukraine is capable of. As the album goes on you find yourself being drawn into the world they texture. A balanced battery, violin, guitar, bass, piano and the beautiful voice of Sonya who also writes the lyrics is like listening to poetry in sound. If you like prog, you might be shaking your head, then listen more, get involved with the world this band creates. This is their debut album, and in that feat, it’s an achievement of incredible proportions. Catch their new album, On The Air…now!

Stream them, or buy their album on Bandcamp!


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