Indian Rockstar Nitish Pires starts Golden Age of Rock in India.

Nitish Pires tops the standard for 2018 with “Am I Evil”. An album with alternative and hard rock influences, it aims to stay. Every song is tight, well recorded, interesting and cohesive. It’s a statement that says to the world that Indian rock should be taken seriously. Indeed, many great rock acts have been to India and recognize this but Nitish Pires might be one of, if not the first true Indian Rockstar of Alternative Rock. What Nitish accomplishes with “Am I Evil” is giving India a platform for India to set its sights on if they cultivate and respect the talent. About once a year I get an album that totally floors me, an album I can measure other records to. This album does that and more. Let’s examine Big Black Wings. It’s an excellent ballad. It starts off traditional, compositionally. You’ve heard the influences from it before. Sure, but then drums and a unique texture come in right after keeping you glued as Nitish enters with his incredible voice and owns it. A few seconds later, everything melds together as it should sound. What can be said about it? What’s amazing about this album? Uniquely Indian while pushing the boundaries of multiple genres…Yes, 110%. Consider me in total support of this piece and the beautiful movement that Nitish represents. Cultivate it, help it grow. Beyond the music, it indeed furthers rock as a whole and should stand on a world stage. I hope Nitish will be able to extend his influence and tour. Well done. All of India should be proud of this.



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One comment

  1. Christabelle · March 9, 2018

    Amazing article FORGED. My favourite is fade away. NITIESH PIRES, You are amazing, I have become A BIG FAN of your amazing trippy voice and songs. come to states soon! And promise me a backstage access 😀 pleaseeeeeeeeeee!


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